“As a child he was insulted on the kart track” – Toto Wolff explains why Lewis Hamilton is so mentally strong


Toto Wolff says Lewis Hamilton suffered experiences of racism as a child and that made him mentally resilient.

Lewis Hamilton has maintained radio silence since the last race of the Abu Dhabi GP. He lost the championship in the last round of the season after a controversial FIA decision.

There has been speculation that he may not return to the sport after his grief. However, Toto Wolff has said that the mental resilience of the seven-time World Champion is not in question. Wolff pointed to Hamilton’s experiences with racism as an anecdote.

Wolff said: “As a child he was insulted on the kart track. White parents forbade their children to interact with him; it definitely left him with big scars too.

“For him, running was the valve to show everyone, and it still is.”

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Lewis Hamilton is the greatest driver of all time

In the aftermath of the final race in Abu Dhabi, Wolff said the main task was to separate the constructors ‘victory from the drivers’ defeat.

“We try to compartmentalize the anger over the result of the F1 Drivers’ Championship and the pride and joy at having achieved something unprecedented and which absolutely must be celebrated,” Wolff said.

Speaking on whether Hamilton will return or not, Wolff said the Briton will use his forces to come back.

“I really hope Lewis will keep racing because he is the greatest rider of all time. We will be working on the events over the coming weeks and months. I think as a runner his heart will say, I have to keep going because he is at the top of his game, ”he said.

“But we have to get over the pain that was caused to him on Sunday. He is a man with clear values, and it is difficult to understand that this has happened.

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