Baltimore Ravens need to get back on track with finishing practices


OWINGS MILLS, Md. – The Ravens have never struggled to score points with Lamar Jackson as a starting quarterback… until recently.

In their last four games, they have scored 10 (Miami), 16 (Bears), 16 (Browns) and 19 (Steelers) points, going 2-2 in that streak.

“It’s not a predominant thing, and if there was it would be a lot easier to fix, unless it was something beyond repair,” Ravens coach John Harbaugh said.

Jackson completed 96 of 153 passing attempts (62.8%) for 922 yards with six touchdowns and eight interceptions (odds 70.8) in those four games. He has also been sacked 16 times.

One of the problems is that Jackson is holding the ball too long in his pocket. The Ravens are also still struggling to counter the opposing team’s Cover 0 defensive plan.

During the season, Jackson threw for 2,865 yards with 16 touchdowns and 13 interceptions for a rating of 86.8. He’s also been sacked 37 times, a league-high, and hasn’t done his good readings.

Harbaugh and his team are working to get Jackson back on track, starting this week in Cleveland.

“You just have to get back on track. It will not be his determining thing; it’s going to be part of his story, ”said Harbaugh. “I think that’s going to be a part… For everyone, at least that’s their story – the challenges you face. It will never be easy. Sometimes it seemed easy and feels easy, and sometimes you go for it, but it’s too competitive. Everyone is too good to be easy all the time. And he doesn’t expect it – none of us do. So we just have to work on it, fight and get the job done. “

The Ravens are still on offense for fourth in the league, averaging 387.9 yards per game. They rank 16th with 23.5 points per game.

Harbaugh hasn’t lost his optimism despite all the adversity surrounding the team, especially with the growing number of injuries.

“There is an old story that [asks], ‘Who is going to go?’ “Send me, I’m going. “Don’t we all have to make that choice in life?” He said. “Are you going to go? Or are you not going? A sort of “woe to me” to your question, [but] I will go. I know all of you in your life feel the same; you’ll go. So, let’s go, man. We are going to go. We cannot wait. We will go to Cleveland, I promise you.


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