Boston’s Robert Williams III reportedly on track for 8-12 week return schedule


Fans of Boston Celtics starting big man Robert Williams III will be happy to hear that the former Texas A&M is on track to return to his original 8-12 week timeline, according to a recent report from Adam Himmelsbach from the Boston Globe. According to the Globe reporter, “Williams is staying on schedule” to return to action with the Celtics despite concerns about the plasma-rich platelet injection Timelord received about two weeks ago.

One of the most important players on Boston’s roster at both ends of the court, that the Celtics were able to maintain a good record to start their 2022-23 NBA season without Williams was an encouraging sign. A sign of the growth of this team, the development of its rotational players, and the ability of interim head coach Joe Mazzulla to lead this team.

If the best-case scenario for Timelord’s return comes true (and it probably won’t given how cautiously they’re proceeding), we could see Williams back on the field as soon as Boston swings with the New Orleans Pelicans. November 19.

We would expect the Boston big man to be relieved against a less difficult foe on a night when fellow frontcourt star Al Horford would take the night, like the second half of a pair of back-to-back contests.

The Nov. 28 tilt against the Charlotte Hornets stands out early in such a range of options, and the Dec. 13 contest against the Los Angeles Lakers is perhaps the most likely option.

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