Competition-grade pump track, a key component of the planned multi-sport park in Prince George


Prince George Community Foundation, Rotary Clubs seeking City Council approval; construction of a $1.5 million project could begin this year

David Mothus has some advice for anyone unsure of what a competition pump track looks like.

Download a video from the internet and you’ll see why pump tracks are irresistible magnets for ATV/BMX riders, inline skaters, skateboarders and kick scooter riders looking for fun and excitement .

Mothus, the city’s three Rotary Clubs and the Prince George Community Foundation are designing a multi-phase, all-ages sports park for the city, which promises to give Prince George its own paradise of paved pump tracks, complete with roller coaster straights , jumps and banked turns.

Mothus says the pump track, if it receives Red Bull certification, will attract competition and could bring in government funding set aside to support the tourism industry.

“If we’re going to build this and we want the city to give us money, one of the things we’ve focused on is making sure there’s justification to make a bigger request,” Mothus said. “So we need dollars for tourism, and how can we get it; build something that attracts tourists and Red Bull Certified Pump Tracks do. We had to think of something that would attract tourists.

Covering three acres of land on a site yet to be determined, the park will be the largest of its kind in northern British Columbia and will also include:

– A water jet park with non-slip surfaces and multiple fountains that start/stop in artistic patterns;

– An adventure playground for young children that will use natural products to build playhouses, log pyramids, climbers and swings;

– A teen-themed adventure playground with a parkour-style obstacle course built using large logs and boulders with climbing nets and tower slides. A zipline could also be part of the teen park;

– A network of wellness, strength and mobility training stations for seniors, located at various locations along the network of trails through the park;

– A large outdoor wooden shelter for people to sit under, centrally located in the park.

“The whole point of the park is so the whole family can be in one place and have something to do,” Mothus said.

Mindy Stroet, director of development at the Prince George Community Foundation, is also a mother of three children aged four, seven and eight and says there is a need to create a park that provides recreational opportunities that appeal to all ages .

“I have kids in two different age groups, so finding a playpen that suits both of their abilities was something we always thought about,” Stroet said.

“They have different levels of skill on the playing field and we really hope it’s something the whole family can enjoy, whether it’s their mum and dad or their grandparents or whatever, there’s something for every taste.”

The Community Foundation celebrated its 25th anniversary last year and was looking for a legacy project. Nine months ago, Stroet enlisted the help of Rotary and the expertise of Mothus, the founder of Facebook site Hell Yeah Prince George. Mothus launched a fundraising project to create the Blackburn Bike Park and used its HYPG platform to survey what people want in a multi-use park. He received over 1,000 responses and used some of those suggestions to help shape the content of the initial plan.

The next step for the project will be to go to city council to get city approval to donate the land, provide service hookups, restrooms, and amenities such as benches, tryouts, and garbage cans. This would be followed by a six-week public consultation process to refine the final design.

Stroet hopes the land will be cleared for the park this year and construction of most features will be completed in 2023. Although a site has not been finalized, the park will be centrally located in the bowl area of the city, close to public transit routes.

The city’s three Rotary clubs – Nechako, Downtown and Yellowhead – have joined forces to help build the multi-sport park. Rotary has created many recreational legacy projects over its seven-decade history in the city. Some of the service club’s most important initiatives include Connaught Hill Park, the Rotary Football Grounds, and the Carrie Jane Gray Park and Hart Skateboard Parks.

“We looked for what was missing and said to ourselves, let’s build a park for all ages,” said Rod Holmes, president of the Prince George Downtown Rotary Club.

“It’s something that’s going to be for everyone and you can do it together as a group. You can have four year olds play there and 10 year olds play in their own park and it will test their skills and keep them engaged and families can watch them.

“We believe this is a project that everyone in Prince George will enjoy. Rotary believes in giving back to the community and that’s what we try to do here.

Holmes learned that the largest pump track in Canada is in Chilliwack, which is also closest to Prince George. He envisions at least one or two major competitions coming to the city each year. Build the pump track, and they will come.

“There’s a big demand from the cycling community and that’s something they don’t have in Prince George right now,” he said. “They are usually made from recycled asphalt.

“We want it to be as environmentally friendly as possible and retain a lot of the nature that already exists. We’re known for the outdoors, so we’re not going to cut down all the trees and level them and just have a whole bunch of grass around, we’ll have trees and vegetation. They have pump tracks in Ontario and they actually circle winter events. It’s not just four months in the summer.

The cost of the park project is estimated at $1.5 million and Stroet said the group already has $500,000 to $600,000 to work with and local businesses have already offered to provide materials and labor for free. -work. JV Logging is committed to donating all ground preparation work and logs. Bruce Johnston of Axis Engineering Consultants agreed to lend his expertise, as did Colliers Project Leaders. Paul Danbrook of PRD Construction Ltd., told Mothus that his company would build the park shelter enclosure.

“We haven’t asked anyone for help who hasn’t said 100% yes,” Mothus said.

The Prince George Cougars will donate proceeds from their Mega 50-50 draw on Saturday, February 26, when they host the Portland Winterhawks. The Wood Wheaton Superstore car dealership has guaranteed a $60,000 jackpot, half of which will go to the winning ticket holder. Tickets went on sale today online at

Plans for the park were announced early in the design phase to take advantage of the Cougars’ draw and Mothus said the final design could change significantly once the public inquiry is complete.

There are sponsorship opportunities for larger donors to obtain naming rights to areas of the park or for people who wish to purchase items such as climbing ladders or landscaping shrubs or have their name on landscaping bricks.

“When the idea of ​​building a park with something for all ages came up, we enthusiastically got involved,” said Rod Holmes, president of the Prince George Downtown Rotary Club. “One of the best things about living in Prince George is the variety of recreational opportunities. This park will offer even more diversified and inclusive activities for the enjoyment of people.

“Our vision is to build a park with different recreational areas that allow everyone, regardless of age and ability, to enjoy the outdoors. We are delighted to work with Rotary on this exciting initiative. says Mindy Stroet, director of development for the Prince George Community Foundation.


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