Curry, Warriors stun James, Lakers 121-114 in opener | Sports News



LOS ANGELES (AP) – Opening night in Hollywood went well during the three quarters for Los Angeles Lakers superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis against Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors.

But it was a flop for their new supporting cast, including LA native and former league MVP Russell Westbrook.

Two-time MVP Curry had 21 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists for the Warriors, who went from 10 points to knocking out the Lakers 121-114 in a season opener Tuesday night.

The Lakers cooled off in the fourth quarter and ceded the lead halfway through the period.

James had 34 points and 11 rebounds, while Davis had 33 points and 11 rebounds. No other Lakers have scored in double digits.

“These two guys were spectacular,” said coach Frank Vogel. “We’re going to be pretty good if we get that kind of performance. We just have to be better defensively. So everyone finds their way a little bit.

Wesbrook shot just 4 for 13 for eight points on his debut with the Lakers.

“Him more than anyone, it’s going to be an adjustment period,” Vogel said. “He fits into our culture, our system, he’s the new guy, he has to find his way. It’s hard, when you’re used to the guy who has the ball most nights, to be able to face others like LeBron and AD. It’s just a little different for him. He’s going to be great for us but it will be a period of adjustment. “


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