Daily Fantasy Sports sites roll out community-driven features


If you’ve spent time around daily fantastic sports, you can get a feel for the requirement that the community can be.

The players who invest the most in volume are insightful in their industry and they hold operators to the highest standards. DraftKings and FanDuel are massive organizations, after all, and their customers rightly expect them to do well.

High volume gamers also tend to have the most critical following. If a DFS site makes a change that negatively affects the 1%, expect to read it on Twitter. The line between constructive and critical is sometimes blurry when the most vocal members of the community express their wishes.

It therefore seems fair to highlight a few recent cases in which operators are make the right choices.

The two industry leaders have each initiated changes that appear to be generally favorable to the majority of their customers. Same Yahoo DFS gets a well-deserved credit for a recent innovation.

Revamped FanDuel Players Club

Today’s FanDuel news focuses on the changes to its loyalty program.

Like the competition, FanDuel rewards customers for their play through Frequent Player Points. FanDuel Points are recorded at a base rate of five points per $ 1 of registration, and they can be used to enter any paid contest. On the redemption side, users need 2400 points to cover every dollar of entry fees.

Players who meet a minimum threshold gain membership in the FanDuel Players Club, which offers freerolls based on level level. Previously, users had to play $ 100 in monthly entries to be included.

However, the Players Club is undergoing an overhaul. The changes announced today include more levels, a shorter entry barrier and updated freeroll offers. Now just $ 10 in monthly entries is sufficient for membership at the lowest level. The upper tier, incidentally, requires $ 500,000 of monthly entries to be achieved.

“Our goal with the Rewards Center is to ensure that all of our users of all skill levels get the most out of their FanDuel activity,” said Nik Bonaddio, Product Manager for FanDuel. “We want every user to clearly understand the rewards available to them – from FDP to FanDuel swag – and how they can reach the next level of play.”

FanDuel has added a “Rewards” section to the checkout so players can track their progress.

DraftKings creates a community team

Two weeks ago, this post appeared on the popular DFS forums at Rotary mowers:

This message itself was welcome, working to counter the perception that customers have no voice.

Five days later, the new team launched a thread titled “DraftKings Community: What Would You Like to Know?” The original post contained some of the same content as the previous one, but this one formally asked players for their opinion.

The thread has finished 200 reviews at the time of writing, with the DraftKings_CM account still engaged in the discussion. Suggestions run the gamut, from rake and entry limits to the guaranteed prize pool to solving the problem of line-up sellers.

Co-founder Matt kalish said outreach would help DraftKings “listen and engage” with customers:

Over the past six years, we have benefited greatly from the comments and often candid feedback from our players. As DraftKings continues to grow and expand into new areas, we wanted to ensure that our bond with players remains strong and productive. The Community Team is here to make sure that all of us at DraftKings always put players at the center of everything we do.

Give them credit for listening to the comments and acting on it.

Last week the Community the team deployed a dish 2x payment structure for additional contests based on forum comments. The reaction was almost universally positive, gaining the goodwill of DraftKings without having to do much except listen. Changing the paytable does not directly affect its results, although flatter structures may be slightly less marketable.

A spokesperson also said Legal sports report that DraftKings plans to create a panel of players for additional comments this summer.

Yahoo QuickMatch is catching up

Not to be overlooked, Yahoo has also made a favorable adjustment to its DFS platform.

Earlier this year, the site launched its Quick match tool for head-to-head competitions (H2H). The automated system automatically matches players based on their level of experience and perceived skills on the site.

The idea is to protect funds from recreational players, which are sometimes the prey of professionals. Now a newbie player will hardly ever be up against someone who plays DFS for a living.

It was a wise decision; Yahoo badly needed to generate some kind of new interest. And it seems to work too. Dan Haight, who oversees operations, said LSR that the reaction was exactly as warm as he had hoped.

Since the launch of QuickMatch on Yahoo Sports Daily Fantasy, we’ve seen a huge uptake of this feature. It’s still early days, but our users have played more QuickMatch games than traditional H2H matches, and we expect this to only increase when we launch our mobile apps in a future update.

The idea is so good that other operators may adopt it in the future.

As part of the DraftKings community thread, several forum dwellers mentioned QuickMatch as a feature they would like to see mainstream.

Most sites have some sort of badge system to help separate players visually. So far, however, Yahoo DFS is the only site that incorporates these levels into the game selection mechanism.

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