Down with throat infection, Lakshya Sen withdraws from Australian Open


Suffering from a throat infection, Indian star commuter Lakshya Sen has withdrawn from the upcoming Australian Open Super 300 badminton tournament.

The 21-year-old from Almora caught the infection just before the Hylo Open, where he lost in the first round to Hong Kong’s Ng Ka Long Angus in Saarbrucken, Germany.

The Australian Open is scheduled for November 15-20 in Sydney.

“I had a fever, sore throat and weakness after reaching Saarbrücken before the Hylo Open. I probably caught the infection coming from Paris,” Sen, who returned home, told PTI on Sunday. in India on Saturday evening.

“I thought it wasn’t that bad. I was training last Sunday and then on Monday I felt it got worse. I saw a doctor online and took some medicine. C “It’s under control now. But given the situation, I’ve decided to withdraw from the Australian Open.” The Commonwealth Games champion said the fact that he had no chance of making the World Tour final also played a part in his decision to withdraw from the tournament.

“I had sent in my entries earlier as I thought it would help me qualify for the World Tour Finals, but now that’s no longer possible, so it’s better that I take a few weeks off, that I get back to full fitness and start my off season. training to be ready for next season. The past few months have been difficult for Sen, who underwent surgery right after the world championship for “deviated septum” , a condition that occurs when the thin wall (nasal septum) between the nasal passages is displaced to one side.

“I have had these conditions for the past few years. I couldn’t breathe properly on both sides of my nose. One side was completely blocked. The doctors had told me that it could only be fixed after I was 18 or 20 years old.

“But with a series of tournaments like the CWG and the World Championships, there was no time. So after the World Championships, I decided to have surgery. Sen, the All England silver medalist, said it was the only window since qualification for the Paris Olympics begins next year.

“It took 3-4 weeks to fully recover. But my immunity was down. The operation went very well. But I couldn’t play 100% all the time,” said the current world number eight.

“I started playing just two weeks before going on a European tour. Since my qualification for the World Tour finals was at stake and the doctor had also given a green signal, I thought I’d let myself play. So what’s his plan now?

“I plan to spend time with my family, improve and train for next season. I will probably play in PBL,” the Indian Open champion said.

When asked how happy he is with the way things have gone in 2022, Sen said: I’m off to a pretty good start. Reaching the final in some events gave me a lot of confidence. I wanted to do well in CWG, All England, World Championships, some I did well, some not but it was a good season.


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