Here’s the latest men’s track rankings for the Jackson area


JACKSON — The conference championships took center stage last week, producing several new top marks.

Out of the Cascades Conference meet at Napoleon, Addison’s Noah Springer reached 12′0. There are new best times in both hurdle races where Western’s Lincoln Raczowski tops the list in the 300 with his mark from the Interstate 8 meet and Grass Lake’s Jack Easterday clocked a 15.24 in the 110 hurdles to meet the Cascades Conference, not only a new best time on our ranking but also a school record, beating the one that has stood since 1967.

But MITCA also held its team state meets on Friday and Saturday, and Hillsdale’s Aidan Flannery, helping the Hornets to a fourth-place finish at Clare in Division 3, set a new high jump mark, clearing 6 ′5.

The Hornets 4×100 relay also posted a new best time in this meet, where Sam Willes, Hunter Wilson, Jordan Barnes and Jon Torres posted a 44.50.

Here is the latest ranking.

The rules are quite simple. Every athlete achieves their highest marks in each event over the course of the season and we keep track of the best so far. If someone arrives with a better time, distance or height, that place in the leaderboard changes hands.

We drop the information available on, so coaches, if we’ve missed anyone, send results via [email protected]

Every athlete’s best time so far this season counts and we determine which is the best so far.

Graham Gumper, Hannover-Horton, 11.27, May 6 in Stockbridge

Hunter Wilson, Hillsdale, 11:38 a.m., May 24 at Onsted

Jeff Harvey, Jackson, 11:41 a.m., May 20 at Saline

Andrew Cheney, Vandercook Lake, 11:44 a.m., May 10 at Napoleon

Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon, 11:44 a.m., May 4 at Napoleon

Andrew Stockton, Grass Lake, 11:44 a.m., May 10 at Grass Lake

Nathaniel Hobbs, Jackson, 10:45 p.m., May 16 at Adrian

Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon, 22.94, May 4 to Napoleon

Ahmad Ameen, Jackson, 22.97, May 16 at Adrian

Malachi Boyd, Concord, 23.02, May 6 in Stockbridge

Jeff Harvey, Jackson, 23.12, May 20 at Saline

Ahmed Ameen, Jackson, 50.68, May 20 at Saline

Alan Knowles, Jonesville, 51.41, May 4 at Union City

Aidan Flannery, Hillsdale, 52.33, May 20 in Hillsdale

Nathaniel Hobbs, Jackson, 52.80, May 20 at Saline

Adair Artis, Concord, 52.81, May 25 at Quincy

Jacob Walker, Columbia Central, 2:00.92, May 24 at Onsted

Jonah Richards, Hillsdale, 2:01.77, May 20 in Hillsdale

Austin Brown, Hannover-Horton, 2:01.96, May 20 at Hillsdale

Nathaniel Hobbs, Jackson, 2:02.92, April 29 in Jackson

Nathan Kippnick, Manchester, 2:03.34, May 24 at Napoleon

Jacob Walker, Columbia Central, 4:25.49, May 13 at East Jackson

Jacob Singleton, Western, 4:28.90, May 24 at Albion

Rogan Melling, Hanover-Horton, 4:29.78, May 6 at Saline

Matthew Rankin, Grass Lake, 4:34.19, May 20 at Hillsdale

Nathan Kippnick, Manchester, 4:36.07, May 14 at Hillsdale

Jacob Walker, Columbia Central, 9:57.1, April 27 at Hudson

Jacob Singleton, Western, 9:59.25, May 6 at Stockbridge

Rogan Melling, Hannover-Horton, 10:12.0, May 4 at Napoleon

Chad Perrine Jr., Jackson, 10:19.07, May 20 at Saline

Nolan Grant, Hillsdale, 10:24.99, April 29 at Mason

Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon, 15.27, May 24 to Napoleon

Jack Easterday, Grass Lake, 3:39 p.m., May 24 at Napoleon

Brice VanZant, Hillsdale, 15.96, May 24 at Onsted

Omarion Culliver, Concord, 16.11, May 25 in Quincy

Damion Scharer, Jonesville, 16.18, May 25 in Quincy

Lincoln Raczkowski, Western, 40.37, May 24 at Albion

Jack Easterday, Grass Lake, 40.70, May 13 at East Jackson

Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon, 42.04, April 20 to Napoleon

Kyson Cooper, Jackson, 42.32, May 20 at Saline

Brice VanZant, Hillsdale, 42.35, May 28 at Clare

Hillsdale, 44:50, May 28 in Clare

Concord, 44.96, May 6 at Stockbridge

Jonesville, 45.23, May 20 at Hillsdale

Addison, 45.32, May 13 at East Jackson

Michigan Center, 45.47, May 24 at Napoleon

Jackson, 1:31.43, May 13 at Chelsea

Hillsdale, 1:33.10, May 20 in Hillsdale

Grass Lake, 1:33.56, May 20 at Hillsdale

Concord, 1:33.70, May 14 in Concord

Western, 1:35.19, May 16 at Coldwater

Jackson, 3:27.80, May 13 at Chelsea

Jonesville, 3:30.59, May 25 at Quincy

Hillsdale, 3:33.36, May 20 in Hillsdale

Manchester, 3:35.38, May 20 at Hillsdale

Concord, 3:37.04, May 25 at Quincy

Michigan Center, 3:38.17, May 20 at H

Concord, 8:29.46, May 14 in Concord

Jonesville, 8:35.87, May 25 at Quincy

Western, 8:36.83, May 6 at Stockbridge

Hillsdale, 8:38.82, May 28 at Clare

Manchester, 8:41.68, May 24 at Napoleon

Chandler Griffiths, Jonesville, 49′2.5, May 14 at Hillsdale

Eliga Spahr, Jonesville, 46′3.0, March 30 at Hillsdale

Broden Steinke, Columbia Central, 44′3, May 20 in Hillsdale

Luke Smith, Lumen Christi, 44′3, May 14 in Hillsdale

Logan Spence, Hillsdale, 43′2.5, April 9 at Grass Lake

Adam Pariseau, Western, 42′8, April 29 at Western

Elijah Collins, Homer, 153′2, April 29 at Sand Creek

KJ Scott, Addison, 140′2, May 17 in Addison

Brogan Dodge, Leslie, 134′9, May 6 at Stockbridge

Eliga Spahr, Jonesville, 134′1, April 27 at Jonesville

Owen Fremeau, Western, 129′9, April 29 at Western

Aidan Flannery, Hillsdale, 6′5, May 28 in Clare

Joshua Veneziano, Western, 6′3, May 24 in Albion

Mehki Wingfield, Concord, 6′2, May 4 at Concord

Joey Schonhard, Lumen Christi, 6′2, May 2 at Marshall

Jack Easterday, Grass Lake, 6′2, April 12 at Western

Noah Springer, Addison, 12′0, May 24 at Napoleon

Lucas Inosencio, Western, 11′6, May 16 at Coldwater

Nick Marienfeld, Napoleon, 11′3, May 20 in Hillsdale

Dawson Adams, Hillsdale, 10′9, May 28 at Clare

Declan Flannery, Hillsdale, 10′6, May 11 at Hillsdale

Curtis Knapp, Jonesville, May 21′8, May 25 at Quincy

Mehki Wingfield, Concord, 21′5.5, May 21 at Webberville

Graham Gumper, Hannover-Horton, 20′9, May 20 at Hillsdale

Jarrell Harrell, Jackson, 20′9, May 6 at Saline

Holden Van Poppel, Napoleon, 20′8.5, April 14 to Napoleon


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