Here’s what we know about the Rodin FZero Track-Only


“Can anything good come from Bethlehem? We’ve heard that one before. “Can a track-only hybrid hypercar come out of New Zealand?” Now you have our attention. Shod on 18-inch OZ Racing forged magnesium wheels that are 45-inches high, 217-inches long, and 87-inches wide, the Rodin FZero is solid proof that the land of the long white cloud is much more than candies, chocolates, crisps, and of course, bicycles.

The Rodin FZero exudes an eccentricity worthy of its creator, David Dicker. Dicker’s passion for technological entrepreneurship and extremely fast track cars reminds us of the American Elon Musk. The FZero took years to prepare and the wealthy Australian listener funded the project with his own money. Rodin Car engineers have been working on the FZero since 2016 in the South Island of New Zealand.

After three years of teasing the “no-limit” sports car, Dicker thinks it’s time for the FZero’s big debut. The automaker has made some pretty big claims about this car’s performance, so we can’t wait to see and hear it when it finally hits the streets next year. In the meantime, here’s what we know about the curiously phenomenal Rodin FZero.

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Rodin cars based in New Zealand

You may be hearing about it for the first time, but New Zealand-based Rodin Cars is a 20-year-old car manufacturing company. If you’re unfamiliar with Rodin, we’re pretty sure that will change with the launch of the FZero next year.

The FZero is not Dicker’s first creation. Would you like a leisure car faster than an F1 car? Talk to Rodin Cars, and they’ll already sell you one for just $650,000. It’s called the FZed, and yes, the name sounds familiar because the Rodin FZed is the FZero’s biggest inspiration. Dicker’s automotive manufacturing plant, where the FZed is manufactured, is said to include three bespoke test tracks, a 2,500 square meter high-tech engine shop and one of the largest collections of 3D printers in the world. .

We love Rodin Cars, and we love Dicker because he’s clearly a gearhead with a need for speed. Who else thinks, “I’m going to invest my personal millions of dollars building super-fast cars” after making a ton of money giving away computer hardware? “If you like cars,” said Dicker, “Formula 1 is where you want to be. But the Formula 1 cars you drive on weekends, then you have to tear them down and rebuild them. Our cars are more practical than that.

Like the FZero, the track-only FZed is an open-wheel, single-seat vehicle that offers the closest thing to an F1 experience. It was originally the Lotus T125, also known as the Lotus Exos (as in Exosphere), which Lotus planned to produce 25 units but only made 10 before the slowdown in the world economy forces the British marquee to abandon the programme.

Lotus then sold the rights to the T125 project to Rodin Cars, who then renamed it FZed after redesigning and improving the machine by adding its own components, such as a new titanium exhaust, titanium steering wheel and seats in composite. You can actually see an original T125 at Genius Garage in Ohio, where it has been since 2021.

Like the FZed, the FZero is a track-ready single-seat road beast, ready to outperform Formula 1 cars. Rodin wants to build on that benchmark and go further. “We’re basically trying to build the best car in the world,” Dicker continued, “but that’s going to be expensive – you need the best parts, the best materials and the best facilities, including a test track.”

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The Rodin FZero against the Aston Martin Valkyrie

Even gearheads don’t really look at the British-made Aston Martin Valkyrie and come to the conclusion that the hybrid hypercar developed in partnership with Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies needs more power and downforce. Well, in the insane case you actually think so, you and Rodin Cars think alike, and to think that such craziness would come from New Zealand, from all places.

However, the comparison is inevitable given that the Rodin FZero is clearly aiming for the throne that Aston Martin currently occupies with the rules-free, track-only Valkyrie AMR Pro Concept hypercar. The FZero is unlike anything you’ve seen before, with its swooping profile and hydraulically operated canopy wrapping around the single-seat cockpit. Look at the front fascia from an angle and you can see the titular Yautja claws from the movie Predator reaching for the pavement.

Pretend the claws aren’t there, and the FZero takes on a hunter-jet-meets-Batmobile composure. Even so, chewing up the Valkyrie can’t be easy, but Rodin is driven by passion, and the FZero is packed with cutting-edge technology to make it happen. FZero weighs in at a measly 1,333 lbs compared to the Valkyrie’s 2,811 or even the Valkyrie AMR Pro’s 2,500 lbs on track only. If you’ve ever thought of a road-legal Valkyrie killer, the Rodin FZero is your car.

All the other details of the Rodin FZero

Formula 1 cars would envy the technical data sheet of the Rodin FZero. It’s powered by a bespoke engine, just like the FZed, designated Rodin RC10 – a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V10 contributing 291 pounds to the FZero’s total weight. The engine features a 3.4-inch bore and 2.7-inch stroke, along with a compression ratio of 10:0:1. Redline is at 10,000 rpm generating an insane 1,160 horsepower horsepower at 9,000 rpm, 671 lb-ft of torque at 7,250 rpm and a top speed of 224 mph. It can hit 60 mph from rest in 2.0 seconds flat.

The FZero boasts a reported downforce of 8,818 lbs at a speed of 187 mph, while the Valkyrie should generate around 4,000 downforce, which is less than half the FZero’s capacity. Notice that the Valkyrie also produces less of 1,124 horsepower, 663 lb-ft of torque and a top speed of 217 mph.

As Dicker puts it, “the concept of the FZero is to create a car that’s faster than a current Formula 1 car. We can go up to Sepang to test without any problems, and we know what the target time is there, so it’s achievable. “How much will the Rodin FZero cost you? , which, although a lot of Money is only a third of what you’ll pay for the Valkyrie.


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