Phil Nicoletti Talks Unadilla Track & Title Fight


Our very own “Filthy” Phil Nicoletti was sidelined for the remainder of Lucas Oil Pro Motocross after breaking his arm a few weeks ago. It’s a shame we won’t see him behind the door, but at least we’ll still hear Phil’s hot views on the sport as he answers more of your questions this week in another edition of Unphiltered.

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(Note: some questions have been slightly edited for clarity.)


Ok, we’d love to hear your take on Brennan Schofield’s Loretta bike claim fiasco this year. It looks like the AMA should penalize those who got involved and obstructed the settlement by forcing Brennan to rescind her legitimate claim on Deegan’s Star Racing YZ250F. I only wish you weren’t a Yamaha rider in this case, because I think you’d be more “Unphiltered” otherwise.


I mean, a rule is a rule. Claim the bike for double the MSRP value. Plain and simple. What happened behind closed doors is beyond me. Seems shaded on both sides. Why the AMA or MX Sports staff were dealing with a 17-year-old behind closed doors with over 17,000 cash baffles me. Especially at an event where the child needed to have a legal guardian sign for them to race? It makes no sense to me. They should have said, “No problem, come back with your legal guardian and we can continue.” I guarantee you the rule will now be changed next year for 2023. Somehow the wording will change.

Personally, I like the claim rule. This is how it should be. Of course, this doesn’t happen very often. The last time I remember this happening was in 2003 with Mike Alessi’s city car claimed by Adam Chatfield. Everyone loves a good clickbait story. There are two sides to every story and then the truth. You’ll never know, and I don’t give a fuck. But I will say this: the rules are the damn rules and if the kid had the money, then the bike should be in his garage right now.


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