Shakira’s New Song With Rapper Ozune Reportedly Gerard Pique Track Diss Could Seriously Damage Ace Footballer’s $55 Million Fortune


After announcing a few weeks ago that they were breaking up after 12 years together, Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel made headlines and talked a lot about it. The FC Barcelona defender accused of cheating on Shakira Isabel with another woman was caught listening to Shakira Isabel’s song in his car as he left a training session in Barcelona.

The video of Gerard Pique listening to his ex-girlfriend’s ‘Inevitable’ has gone viral on the internet just minutes after a fan posted it on Gerard Pique’s social media account. The song was written by the woman who was dating Gerard Pique when the fan took the video, Gerard Pique left a training session and listened to Shakira’s song in his car.

Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel have decided to split after 12 years

What happened between Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel?

Amid her long spat with her ex-boyfriend Gerard Pique over custody of their children, Shakira is now working on a new song.

Hitmaker Waka Waka is collaborating with fellow artist Ozuna on creating a music video for a song they just recorded in Manresa, Spain.

Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel

Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel have confirmed the news of their split.

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However, her devoted followers have been eagerly awaiting the song’s release in the vain expectation that the Colombian singer will reference her recent heartbreaking split with the Barcelona footballer.

Will Shakira Isabel’s new album make a difference in her ex’s life and spark their interest?

A Spanish journalist named Jordi Martin made a similar implication on his social media account, suggesting the artist would throw shade at his ex in his next song. On Instagram, the reporter asked, “Do you want to hear the name of the new song that Shakira and Ozuna collaborated on? I already own it and I’m aware of it. What a good omen for Gerard Pique.

It will happen. Next week we will give it its first broadcast in our show “El Gordo y La Flaca”. The highly anticipated clip was shot in a grocery store on Saturday and lasted until the early morning hours of the following day.

Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel

Shakira Isabel’s boyfriend was caught cheating on her.

A publication claims that the only thing known about the upcoming collaboration between Shakira Isabel and Ozuna is that it would have an urban style. Shakira Isabel was the subject of a tweet from the Puerto Rican rapper and singer, who referred to her saying: “You are so beautiful, Shakira.”

“Ozuna! In a touching tribute to the rapper himself, Shakira congratulated him on Twitter, saying: “You are a champion for the way you kept filming for so many hours straight.” Glad to collaborate with you.

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It comes after Shakira ended her relationship with Gerard Pique, with whom she had been together for a decade and with whom she shares two sons, Sasha and Milan.

Gerard Pique and Shakira Isabel’ have been fighting over custody of their children since they ended their relationship. Shakira wants to go to Miami with their kids, however, Gerard Pique is adamant that they should stay at Barcelona.

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