Sports Finance


For more than 25 years, our clients have relied on Chapman and Cutler’s assistance in financing the sports and teams. Chapman and Cutler have dealt with transactions that involved Major League Baseball, the National Football League as well as the National Basketball Association and teams like the Chicago Bears, Chicago White Sox, Milwaukee Brewers, Philadelphia Phillies, Utah Jazz, Vancouver Grizzlies (now Memphis Grizzlies), Toronto Maple Leafs and Toronto Raptors. 

Additionally, we’ve helped communities get tax-exempt and tax-deductible funding for multi-use facilities such as those used by professional minor league basketball, hockey, and baseball. We’ve also been the counsel for underwriters or bond counsel for several loans for arenas, stadiums, and housing facilities utilized during 2002’s Salt Lake City Winter Games. We’ve also helped the public and university sectors with funding of stadiums, arenas, and renovations, as in tax issues related to the privately owned facility that is open to the public. If you’re seeking or are planning to use public or private financing or an agreement that requires both of our legal teams, we have an extensive knowledge base to meet your needs.

Recent expansions of our practice in the western states have increased our expertise in developing and designing facilities for sports. This also provides us with considerable knowledge of Environmental development, redevelopment (including the development of urban brownfields), parking, and land and traffic concerns in planning.

Our extensive involvement in sports-related transactions is an outcome of our internationally acknowledged finance practice that uses a system that incorporates both public and privately-owned finance. We’re at the forefront of innovations in traditional banking lease financing and structuring financial financing (including assets Securitization) and private financing of debt securities, municipal funding, and tax-free finance. Our lawyers are experts in the various areas of finance — and more — will provide you with an advantage when trying to finance your sports-related assets.

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