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The meeting room was barely 15 paces from where they got off their cars, but they chose to use the athlete’s track as a parking lot, Siddharth Shirole said.

BJP MP for Pune in Maharashtra, Siddharth Shirole, posted a video on Twitter on Sunday accusing the government of Maha Vikas Aghadi of harming the spirits of Indian sportsmen by parking their cars on the sports track at the Shiv Chhatrapati sports complex. A meeting was held at the sports complex on Saturday to review the progress of the International Sports University under construction. The meeting room was barely 15 paces from where they got out of their cars, but they opted to use the athlete’s track as a parking lot, the MP said, adding that there were also plans to use an elevator to get to the meeting. room. Nationalist Congress Party leader Sharad Pawar, Maharashtra Sports Minister Sunil Chattrapal and State Minister Aditi S Tatkare were present at the meeting.

The Maharashtra Sports Department reacted to the accusation and apologized. He also clarified that only Sharad Pawar’s vehicle was allowed to park there so that he did not have to walk. And permission was given to park on the concrete road near the track. But suddenly vehicles got there, Maharashtra sports commissioner Om Prakash Bakoria told ANI.

“The Sports Minister has taken note of the incident and instructions have been issued to ensure that vehicles are not allowed on the athletics track,” the sports department said.

After the MP published the photographs he obtained from local media, Union Sports Minister Kiren Rijiju denounced: “As it stands, we lack sufficient sports facilities in our country. All sports centers need proper care. “

The BJP MP also asked what would have happened if a cricket pitch had been turned into a parking lot. “Don’t get me wrong. I love cricket, but imagine the uproar if SUVs drive and park in the central field of an international cricket ground. With that the morale of our athletes,” tweeted Siddharth Shirole.

The MP also said that the athletics track is worth millions of rupees. “Not only was the millions of rupee running track at the ShivChaptrapati #Pune sports complex damaged, but the spirits of the sportspeople who make our nation famous have been severely shaken by the shameful and arrogant actions of the leadership of the #MVA, ”he wrote.

“At a time when Prime Minister Modi inspires our sportsman to bring glory to our country, the great leaders of Maha Vikas Aghadhi’s government are committing such shameful acts. I demand from them an immediate apology and an impartial investigation into the matter. ‘whole incident,’ the BJP said.




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