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POCATELLO – The annual and highly prestigious Tiger/Grizz athletics meet was held on Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, and for many teams this may have been the last big opportunity for athletes to show what before teams begin qualifying for the state meet which begins the week of May 10.

For some, this will be the last time they see some of their favorite or at least toughest opponents in their events and be able to measure what it would take to win a coveted gold medal in the encounter. ‘State.

Qualifying isn’t easy, as most districts require you to finish in the top two or three to qualify.

Snake River, for example, is in a district where only two athletes qualify in each event, plus one team in each of the relays.

Blackfoot and Shelley, meanwhile, qualify the top three individuals plus one team in each of the relays.

For Firth and Aberdeen, they will qualify four individual and one relay team from the District Championships.

Now is the time for evaluation and each of the coaches will speak with the athletes and begin the process of selecting exactly which events they will attempt to qualify for and where it might be best to have them compete in a relay instead. There will be plenty of looks at the statewide standings in each of the events, looking for where the team can pick up those crucial points in the state meet that could be the difference between bringing home a team trophy or going home empty-handed.

There are sure to be sleepless nights in the coming weeks as these decisions are made for each of these athletes, who will be able to compete in at best four events at the district and state levels.

Here are the Tiger/Grizz team results.

A total of 33 teams participated.

For individuals, the top three finishers in each event will be listed, followed by the highest ranked local athlete and where they finished.

Individual boys events:

Kade Thompson Rocky Mountain 11.20

Cameron Porter Madison 11.38

Kenyon Sadiq Skyline 11.43

Ryker Clinger Shelley 12.45 (17th)

Kade Thompson Rocky Mountain 22.47

Nathan Taylor Rigby 22.78

Jake Murdock’s Skyline 22.80

Rylan Anderson Snake River 23.72 (6th)

Rylan Anderson Snake River 49.34

Dallan Morse Blackfoot 49.68

Jacob VanOrden Highland 1:53.88

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 1:57.41

Brody Burch Pocatello 1:58.04

Tyler Sainsbury Rocky Mountain 4:15.51

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 4:16.83

Daniel Simmons Salmon 4:20.26

Daniel Simmons Salmon 9:06.80

Matthew Thomas Blackfoot 9:14.24

Seth Bingham Thunder Ridge 9:41.10

Cameron Porter Madison 14.97

Rylan Anderson Snake River 15.13

Deven Benítez Madison 15.25

Deven Benitez Madison 39.56

Maxwell Whitehouse Thunder Ridge 39.77

Rylan Anderson Snake River 39.83

Wade Sims Soda Springs 53-05

Carrier Taylor Butte County 51-02.5

Jonah Hunter Firth 40-06 (18th)

Jacob Womack Rigby 148-04

Boyd Sorensen Sugar-Salem 148-04

Samuel Webster Rigby 148-0

Steve Sanders Blackfoot 128-01 (9th)

Kayson Smith Madison 6-04

Christian Bush Bear Lake 6-02

Dallan DennertThunder Ridge 6-02

Jorgen Callahan Shelley 5-10 (7th)

Drew Davidson Madison 14-00

Kimble Rigby Preston 14-00

Taye Trautner Blackfoot 11-06 (13th)

Tao Johnson Thunder Ridge 22-10

Cody Cordingley Rigby 20-09

Elijah Johnson Thunder Ridge 20-07.5

Johnny Jones Snake River 18-00 (22nd)

Porter Sutton Marsh Valley 45-10.25

Aircraft Kahin Canyon Ridge 42-06.5

Elijah Johnson Thunder Ridge 42-05.5

Carson Trejo Blackfoot 41-11.5 (5th)

Individual girls events

Skyline by Claire Petersen 12:30 p.m.

Matejah Mangum Pocatello 12.51

Ellie Shupe Snake River 14.35 (23rd)

Matejah Mangum Pocatello 25.82

Sara McKen Valley of the Stars 25.96

Libby Boden River Raft 26.50

Whitney Christensen Blackfoot 26.93 (10th)

Jinette Garbett Spring Soda 57.92

Heidi Harper River Raft 58.48

Tambree Bell Highland 58.69

Whitney Chriseiansen Blackfoot 1:00.00

Brighton Heywood Rocky Mountain 2:17.82

Kennedy Kunz Bonneville 2:22.39

Hailey Renzello Pocatello 2:22.61

Kynzie Nielson Firth 2:30.13 (10th)

Skyline by Nelah Roberts 4:58.29

Kate Brigham Jackson 5:02.21

Kennedy Kunz Bonneville 5:15.49

Maddy Larsen Blackfoot 5:40.20 (21st)

Skyline by Nelah Roberts 10:53.69

Courtney Earl Thunder Ridge 11:24.95

Marina Renna Horizon 11:25.23

Kynzie Nielson Firth 12:04.96 (14th)

Claire Petersen Skyline 14.74

Lynzey Searle Burley 15.34

Brinnlee Wilde Idaho Falls 15.53

Presley Messick Firth 17.84 (16th)

Claire Petersen Skyline 46.12

Whitney Wasden Madison 46.65

Lynzey Searle Burley 47.09

Ruby Jordan Highland 39-11.00

Kiya McAffee Butte County 36-10.00

Tiffany Tone Blackfoot 30-01.00 (16th)

Ruby Jordan Highland 128-03

Megan MooreMackay 111-01

Teilana Togia Rigby 109-05

Tiffany Tone Blackfoot 105-05 (5th)

Tara Butler Firth 5-02.00

Valerie Jirak Star Valley 5-02.00

Amy Baczuk Skyline 5-02.00

Abbie Scott Rigby 11-07.00

Ainsley Anderson Madison 10-00.00

Ellie Stanger Rigby 10-00.0

Tara Butler Firth 8-06.00 (10th)

Abby Hancock Rigby 17-00.00

Tatum Erlandson Rockies 16-11.00

Emma Himmler Hillcrest 16-09.50

Addison Trent Firth 16-05.5

Kinley Brown Teton 35-02.5

Alliya Parke Skyline 34-11.00

Kenadee Tracy Highland 34-08.00

Daytona Folkman Firth 32-02.00 (18th)

The next track meet in the area will be the Bingham County meet on Thursday May 5th.

Teams that have already signed up to compete are Blackfoot, Butte County, Shelley and Snake River.

Firth is scheduled to attend the North Fremont Meet in Ashton and Aberdeen is scheduled to attend the Elsie Bastian Invitational in West Side and Sho-Ban is also scheduled to attend the Elsie Bastian Invitational.


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