UCI Track Champions League 2021 – Chris Hoy: cycling “shouted” for the playoffs


Track cycling king Chris Hoy has said the sport is “loudly clamoring” for an event like the UCI Track Champions League.

The fast-paced new series will debut in Mallorca on November 6, with live coverage on the Eurosport app, eurosport.co.uk and discovery +.

Hoy, who won six Olympic gold medals with the GB team, said the new series – which brings together the world’s best runners at the velodrome – will help elevate track cycling alongside road races.

UCI Champions League

UCI Track Champions League: what is it? Dates, program and more for the Golden Ticket event of cycling


“I always said we needed some kind of flagship series that the drivers could participate in,” Hoy told Eurosport ahead of the first event.

“It’s not just a one-off race” – Hoy on what sets the UCI Track Champions League apart

“And I feel like sport has always been the poor relation to road cycling. And it’s such a great sport, it’s so great for TV, it’s great for the fans, it’s exciting to participate.

“So this is what the sport needs, it will give it the boost to take it to the next level. And for the runners, a chance to attract sponsors to increase their visibility and obtain a consistent and high level competition. .

It’s a win-win on both sides for the fans and for the racers.

The Champions League on track sees 72 runners (36 men and 36 women) divided into two divisions: Sprint and Endurance.

The Sprint Championship will host keirin and sprint events at each of the five meetings, while the Endurance Championship will see a scratch race and an elimination race.

“The only time you can normally see all the top runners together at the same time is the World Championships or the Olympics. So every four years you will only see them five times, ”Hoy said.

“And we’re going to see them in this incredible series, at their best, right after a world championship.

“Every position counts” – The UCI Track Champions League is coming …

“So I think for the fans it’s super exciting. It’s going to be nice and simple. It’s going to be quick, it’s going to be condensed into a two-hour package.

“I think that’s what the fans really want. And I think that’s what the runners want too.

Runners score points in every race for every position with results tallied in the respective leagues, leaving four champions (men’s sprint and endurance; women’s sprint and endurance) after the final round in Tel Aviv on December 11.

“The riders will be very attentive to the overall points competition, it is not just a one-off race and a chance to win a medal. It’s a question of points, it’s a question of the whole, ”continued Hoy.

“But also, every position counts. So there will be battles from the first to the second until the 10th, 11th, 12th, whatever, in all the races and it’s great for the fans because they can see some real aggressive races, every lap, and there is no one to show up, you just need to do a little running to get in shape or to get in shape.

He added: “I think to win the UCI Track Champions League you have to be consistent.

“It’s not just about an exceptional performance, to pull out the bag one night. Week after week, it’s all about making a success of the rides and not making mistakes.

“In an overall points league, it’s the person who doesn’t make mistakes who can win. But it’s going to be hard to call it because I think in all competitions – men, women, sprint and endurance – it’s going to be played on the wire.


The 2021 series takes place over five rounds in four countries.

  • Round 1: Mallorca, Spain – Saturday November 6
  • 2nd round: Panevezys, Lithuania – Saturday November 27
  • Round 3: London, UK – Friday December 3
  • Round 4: London, UK – Saturday December 4th
  • Round 5: Tel Aviv, Israel – Saturday December 11

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The UCI Track Champions League is coming and you can watch all the action live on the Eurosport app, eurosport.co.uk and discovery +. Experience the ‘breathtaking’ new era of track cycling, with the first event on November 6 in Mallorca.

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“It’s not just a one-off race” – Hoy on what sets the UCI Track Champions League apart


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How will the UCI TCL change track cycling? – We asked Chris Hoy


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