Unique Lamborghini Countach LP 500 Makes Track Debut In Presence Of Owner


The Raging Bull was unleashed on the Vizzola Ticino circuit, in the presence of its owner, a mysterious wealthy collector who was able to experience the power of the all-new classic supercar, joined by the suppliers who contributed to it bring it to life, in this could be his first and last track adventure, given that this is a bespoke model.

Track testing and shakedown confirmed that the Countach LP 500, in addition to being beautiful, is also functional,», Declared the Head of Service and Polo Storico, Giuliano Cassataro. “We thought it was important to celebrate it with the customer, but also to share the excitement of seeing it in motion with the suppliers who put so many hours of work into its creation.

Lamborghini enthusiasts who want to see it live can admire it at the Mudetec Museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese. The car will be on display until November 15, breathing the same air as other classics made by the Italian company, such as the 5000 Quattrovalvole, which was the first Countach officially approved for sale in the United States, the second LP 400 from production, the first Countach Prototype, and a bare tubular chassis of an LP 400.

Built at the behest of a wealthy collector, the 2021 Countach LP 500 is a unique supercar that retains the appearance of the original vehicle inside and out. The breathtaking model sports hand-beaten panels, a Giallo Fly Special paint finish, much like its iconic predecessor known as the LP 500 “Idea Car”, which was presented at the Paris Motor Show. Geneva from 1971 and gave its life in crash tests about three of the years later, and even tires that resemble those of the classic Countach, made by Pirelli.


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