We won’t stop experimenting and finding new answers: Rohit


India’s T20 team under Rohit Sharma have not been shy about experimenting with various combinations, and the skipper made it clear on Saturday that the quest to find ‘new answers’ will continue, even if there are obstacles in the way.

With only about seven weeks left for the T20 World Cup in Australia, Rohit is keen to keep experimenting because one wouldn’t know what works if it’s not tried first. “We decided to try several things and some would work, some wouldn’t. But it’s okay to try and only if you try will you know for sure what works and what doesn’t. You will get answers,” Rohit told reporters ahead of the team’s Asian Cup clash against arch-rivals Pakistan.

India have tried Suryakumar Yadav and Rishabh Pant as openers while KL Rahul is expected to open in this tournament. At bowling, Deepak Hooda had already received the new ball.

“If we have the chance to try, we have to try combinations. We decided to try some more things and if we run into difficulties, no problems. We’ll keep experimenting and we shouldn’t be afraid to find new answers, whether it’s batting or bowling combinations,” he said.

In the T20 World Cup there will be a fixed combination, but the experiments have paid off really well, according to the captain.

“We got a lot of responses over the last 8-10 months. When the World T20 starts we will see what needs to be done,” he said. Virat does nothing different There was an obvious reference to Virat Kohli’s out-of-form form, and the skipper, as usual, backed his No.1 hitter.

“As far as I’m concerned, I found him in very good touch. He’s back after a month-long hiatus, and I haven’t seen him do anything extraordinarily different,” said Rohit.

The teams will miss Bumrah and Shaheen. The Indian captain expects whoever takes the place of Jasprit Bumrah to use his luck to the fullest. He added that Bumrah and Pakistani Shaheen Shah Afridi will be missed as they bring a lot of quality to the side.

The World Cup game is a thing of the past

India were humiliated in the last T20 World Cup by 10 wickets and although the loss to Pakistan hurt, they moved on, Rohit said.

“Listen, the atmosphere at camp is buzzing. It’s a new tournament. Fresh start. No need to think about this loss. “We don’t need to think about what happened in the past. also going forward. It’s always difficult to play against Pakistan, but what is important for us is what we want to achieve together rather than thinking about the opposition,” he said. You are creating hype, let’s focus on the game

Matches between India and Pakistan generate a lot of hype, but for Rohit, it’s just another game, where he mingle with the fans and likes to exchange jokes with the opposing players.

It may be surprising (to see him interact with Pakistani fans) but not for us. It’s something quite normal for us. You can build hype, I’ll focus on the game. Each player has a different preparation process. Some train, some watch TV, some like to sleep before a big game,” he said. So what is his process?


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